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We forecast search engine marketing will continue to grow as an asset for marketers. One way to support your corporate viability is through Linkedin. An opportunity often missed are all the apps available on Linkedin to market yourself, projects and company. Social media sites receive prioritization by search engines due to tagging. Typically, the top Linkedin users have strong relevant content to drive the right traffic to themselves. I see people posting questions all the time as to whether people can directly associate increased revenue to their business as a result of Linkedin. I can confidently say in the last two years our small business has received 6 figure income in emerging real estate markets as a direct result of linkedin. Our resort real estate marketing has also directly benefited projects. In our industry we relate to linkedin best through the ideas below for real estate development marketing.

Personalized inbound url – this is the link people click on to view your profile. It gets indexed on the search engines. If you have the proper keywords included in the url then you can further increase the page ranking of your profile

Outbound url – you have an option near the top of your profile to add three links pointing away from your page in the linkedin billboard area. This could be your projects website. This could be your blog. This could be your facebook fan page. This could be a company project that you are trying to perform real estate project marketing for.

Click-thru logo – you can have a linkedin logo on your email signature, websites or digital marketing collateral that reverts back to your profile.

Linkedin optimized – Having hundreds of millions of people on Linkedin means people are searching for others on there all the time. Beyond traditional SEO, you should ensure you have relevant keywords qualified people would be searching for you on.

Add the blog app – You can have a direct feed to your blog on your profile to highlight real estate project marketing, in our case.

Linkedin is a great way to complement your personal and corporate brand. Overall, it is more important to be reviewing your profile consistently long-term. Spending the time can increase your revenue.

E360 provides real estate advisory services across emerging real estate markets.  We run across property for development as a result of the services we perform in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Our real estate advisory services include research, capital modeling, marketing and sales for international property. We have $10 billion track record focused on resort marketing.  Let us support you with market driven concepts.

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