We pride ourselves on being our clients’ go-to digital marketing consultants, due to our wealth of insights. We can help you identify opportunities in your strategy, operations, analytics and technology to grow your business.

Element-360 has extensive geographic experience in real estate, having clients in 16 countries and a track record that supports the marketing for over $7 billion in gross sales. Here are several of the areas where we provide advisory services for the real estate industry.

Insightful Analytics

The methodologies we use are time-tested and leverage empirically based economic models to improve performance. Our knowledge base began with the many analytics providers we have grown to support with existing clients.

Since then, we have aggregated and benchmarked performance. Through our digital consulting services, we can provide you with data-driven recommendations for a customized strategy which will deepen the value of your project.

Digital Strategies

Are you looking for strategic growth opportunities? Do you know where to allocate resources? Our niche expertise allows us to see what the real estate market is looking for before others do. Through our digital advisory services, we can help position you for successful growth.

Website Optimization

Are you looking for a new website, or are you looking to improve your existing website? Our in-house digital marketing experts have performed hundreds of statistically significant A/B tests with the purpose of improving conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Are you considering the impact a new website will have on your SEO performance? Most website rankings drop when a new site is launched, as the experience and skillset for developing a website is very different compared to the programming-for-performance experience needed to maintain and increase high quality lead generation. We have a comprehensive website migration process to ensure you receive the highest return on your significant investment.


This is where sales and marketing merge in execution. Do you know if there is an opportunity to work smarter and faster? Do you know if you’re losing sales due to your operational structure? Consider assessing your real estate company’s operational performance.

We understand how to track the right operational metrics to ensure a positive customer experience. To outperform the benchmarks, we customize and recommend several different operational flows and goals as a key component of our advisory services.


Everyday there are new and innovative technology solutions being produced, even specifically for the real estate industry. Do you know which ones are just shiny new toys and which ones actually work?

We are constantly testing new CRM’s, Email Deployment Systems, Ad Servers, Tracking technology and more. Save time with innovative solutions to create the biggest opportunities through your digital strategy. Ultimately our digital advisory services are about improving your customers’ experience and growing your real estate business. Consider working with a partner that knows where the biggest digital impact is.