Social Media Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

Social Media Marketing
Strategies For Real Estate

Want to reach relevant audiences in their down-time with targeted messaging?

Social media marketing may be the perfect channel for your real estate business.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped real estate developers, builders, and brokerages target buyers and sellers on Facebook and Instagram. Our approach is to find your unique audiences – those people most likely to do business with you – and serve them targeted messages and compelling content. Rather than focusing on creating posts that reach only your existing network, our focus is on leveraging multiple data sources to expand your network and relationships.

We use the benchmarking process to optimize campaigns and ads to deliver the highest quality leads for your real estate business, whether you’re trying to reach buyers or sellers. Social media marketing is just one of the channels we include in the marketing mix and has proven to deliver some of the lowest-cost leads from hyper-targeted audiences.

Our Process:

  1. Identify your business goals, such as awareness or lead generation.
  2. Leverage your existing databases and website analytics to find out where your best clients come from.
  3. Create compelling Facebook & Instagram ads that convey your unique value proposition.
  4. Collect data from several audiences and ads to discover what’s working best.
  5. Optimize your campaigns to produce the highest quality leads.

Best Practices for Advertising Real Estate on Facebook:

  1. Include your market positioning in the text of your ads
  2. Leverage great photography
  3. Include a mix of lifestyle and product imagery
  4. Run several audiences with the same daily budget to truly know what’s outperforming
  5. Use a variety of ad formats: single image, carousel, video
  6. Follow your value proposition with a distinct call-to-action

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