New Trends in Real Estate Development Marketing

February 16, 2011 5:59 pm Published by

E360 has some exciting opportunities underway as the emerging real estate market continues to strengthen and real estate development capital starts to flow.  Of all the emerging markets and exceptional opportunities, we are still most excited by the real estate consumer and using online marketing ideas to generate leads.

We spend a lot of time as a real estate advisory company sourcing the best opportunities to reach real estate consumers and found a great survey on Anne Holland’s that provides us some valuable insight to generating and converting real estate marketing leads through online campaigns.

Some of the most useful resort marketing findings are:

  • A longer email subject line got more clicks, opens and sign-ups than a shorter, less detailed subject line.
  • Using a different color to highlight a call to action generated more clicks than making it bigger.
  • Adding a picture next to a donation form resulted in a 10 percent lift in donation amounts.
  • A lead generation form that only asked for an email address generated 52 percent more leads than one that asked for first and last name along with the address.

Another great piece of information that Anne’s survey uncovered is the trends in useful real estate marketing online campaigns. The top performers so far are:

  • Email newsletters 34%
  • SEO for your website 23%
  • Facebook 22%
  • Blogging 14%
  • Other 6%
  • Twitter 2%

E360 is working with a new developer and have used many of these tactics to generate leads. Our real estate development marketing plans are tailored to the project, but also take into account some of the leading trends in real estate marketing. We would love to talk with you about how to create a more competitive real estate development marketing plan.

E360 provides real estate advisory services across emerging real estate markets.  We run across property for development as a result of the services we perform in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Our real estate advisory services include research, capital modeling, marketing and sales for international property. We have $10 billion track record focused on real estate development consulting.  Let us support you with market driven concepts.

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