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“92% of buyers use the internet in some way in their home search process” – 2014

As one of the top real estate SEO companies in the world, we have developed a unique perspective on what works. Our real estate search engine optimization services begin with an audit and blueprint built around real estate keyword search terms and your website's pages. Real estate search terms are local in nature just as real estate for sale is local.

5 Components For Successful Real Estate SEO Are:

The Top 5 Keyword Metrics We Consider For Keyword Search Terms Are:

Proper keyword research and analysis is at the foundation of SEO service. There is a fine balance to strike between keywords and competitiveness. So, don’t just go after the search term with the largest search volume.

Our Real Estate SEO Company Helps You Show Up In These Search Engines

Website Audits

Performing a website audit is the next step implemented. Our real estate SEO experts typically review the code of your website to ensure there are not any crawl errors by the search engine bots, redirects are setup correctly, and the CSS is readable.

Meta Data, Content & Avoiding Over Optimization

After the real estate website audit is completed we will perform a comprehensive review of your metadata. This area is used by the search engines to show you want to be represented in the search results. Ensuring that it isn’t over-optimized is critical given recent updates to the spam side of the algorithm.

Our real estate SEO company is particularly versed in avoiding over optimization. It can be a risk to the benefits real estate search engine traffic provides. Therefore, a heavy emphasis is placed on content as it relates to value propositions, competitive advantages, differentiators, and the overall brand position that need to be communicated.

After the previously mentioned updates have been made we take a digital PR approach to sharing your product and services. The benefits of this ongoing real estate SEO service are:

– You get referral traffic from these high authority sites.
– You get higher keyword positions in the search results.

These benefits are critical to driving more traffic to your website. When high authority bloggers are willing to promote your website on their site, the search engines see this as a form of credibility and improve your keyword positions in the search results.

Here are 11 more ways to increase leads and traffic through Real Estate SEO:

  1. Make sure your website has a mobile-friendly version – people use their mobile devices for real estate searches.
  2. Add your business to real estate search engines such as Zillow and Trulia – make your website is listed as well. We recently heard from some former Zillow employees that 70% of their weekend traffic comes from mobile devices.
  3. Include 20 or more photos – our team of experts has found people are very interested in seeing lots of photos and will stay longer on your page, therefore, improves your user experience as well.
  4. Add social buttons on your sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube to your site so potential buyers can learn more about you and the properties.
  5. Share videos of your properties on your website. We have found this can double the time on page and therefore improve the user experience.
  6. Dedicate a page to yourself – we see people consistently going to pages about real estate agents up to a 1/3 of the time, which makes sense. People want to know who they would potentially be working with. Include your name in the URL.
  7. Ensure unique content is used on each page – never copy your writing from other places as you can get penalized for this.
  8. Look at the related search terms whenever you perform a real estate search to see what else buyers are searching on.
  9. Break up your writing into short paragraphs, lists and images to improve readability.
  10. Ask your webmaster how structured data and schema mark up can be included – consider product type, price and address information.
  11. Make sure your Name, Address and Phone number are exactly consistent on all sites where you have contact information. This will help support your online local marketing efforts.

Learn more about our award-winning real estate SEO company:

  1. Our leadership has over a decade of niche SEO for real estate experience across 13 countries.
  2. You get to leverage our deep understanding of the real estate search engine competitive landscape.
  3. You can leverage our 1,000’s of real estate expert relationships to improve your performance.
  4. We understand the process needs to align with your brand positioning for the most effective lead generation.

We have been recognized as one of the top real estate SEO companies in the world by many independent authorities. We are continually growing our talent by attending many of the most highly regarded SEO conferences. We would love to hear from you so please reach out if you're contemplating whether SEO is the right audience traffic driving strategy for you.