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You can find us competing across the top 10 real estate markets in the United States. Our approach incorporates a well-balanced digital strategy that only drives the highest quality traffic and leads. We make sure you're in front of the right audiences using our performance tested methodologies. Learn More About Our Agency Here

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More buyers use the Internet to buy and sell homes than any other source. We ensure you're in front of the right audience with the right message at the right time. If you want more leads, phones calls, walk-ins, and referrals, then consider using our time-tested strategies. What makes us one of the top real estate lead generation companies is our methodologies to find your right audience.

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Our award winning real estate lead generation techniques and tactics will provide you with great results and a strong return on investment. Creating a strategy that works for your business begins with a strong understanding of your company’s current status as well as long and short-term business objectives. Click to check out some of our reviews.

The Customer Journey and Machine Learning

It should be no surprise when we say as marketers our roles have been redefined. The question is how do we maneuver through the technological data web and come out with the proverbial fly. According to Econsultancy one of the biggest differentiators between successful marketers and laggards in 2018 will lie in their ability to […]


Must Know Digital Marketing Trends from 2017

Overview: CPMs increased over 2017 for Facebook ads (+96.13%) and Paid Search (+89.86%). Splash pages continue to produce high quality leads with increasing lead quality. Lead quality increased 66.17% for our Facebook ads and 9.98% for Paid Search clients utilizing our splash pages.  At the end of 2017, Paid search lead quality continued to outperform […]


Reviews and Online Reputation – IBS

At this year’s International Builder Show Element 360 had the opportunity to get an exclusive run down on all the buzz strategies, methodologies, and best practices from others for 2018. A reoccurring theme was the importance of online reputation and reviews. Living in a digital era the requirement to monitor your businesses reputation is stronger […]