Integrated, Multi-Screen Marketing Creates Maximum Campaign Exposure

March 21, 2014 4:49 pm Published by

Stop Fighting the TV vs. Digital Marketing Battle: Why A Holistic Campaign is Best

TV advertising and digital marketing are no longer competing for attention. Rather, new studies show that successful marketing campaigns utilize the benefits of both media outlets in an integrative approach to reaching consumers.

Benefits of TV vs Digital Marketing

E360 Lab Research Shows Digital Marketing Projected to Take Hold of Market

Research by the e360 Lab shows television and digital as the top two advertising forms in 2012, with 39.1% of the media spending on television and 22.3% on digital marketing.  By 2018, it is estimated that the digital marketing spend will jump 14%, surpassing TV advertising, which is predicted to decrease by 3% over the next four years.

Digital marketing has gained traction through changes in how viewers consume television content. Even when watching TV, the modern media viewer often is on their phone or laptop at the same time. Younger users are also more likely to view new television shows on their laptops or tablets. By using a holistic market strategy that incorporates both forms of media, you can reach these new types of audiences effectively and make a more lasting impact.

Multi-Screen Campaigns- How Mobile Marketing is Growing

Mobile marketing is also growing in its importance as an integrative strategy approach. Currently, 48% of marketing professionals find integrated multi-screen campaigns to be “very important,” according to a survey by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Nielsen. But 88% of marketers surveyed believe integrated mobile and digital marketing will be very important to their business come 2016. As more mobile users gain access to internet applications and stronger networks through faster mobile networks, the marketability of mobile sites and apps grow.

However, this is a newer trend that has not proven its durability like digital marketing has. Only time will tell if marketers see that dedicated mobile marketing techniques give as great of an ROI as digital marketing has in the past.

Successfully Implementing an Integrative Marketing Approach

For many marketers, making a transition from using only television to incorporating digital ads, or vice-versa, may make their heads spin. However, there are ample insights into effective digital platforms, whether it be through your own research or working with a digital marketing firm.

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