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Viviun is a property portal used in property development marketing all over the globe. In the spirit of transparency, we have no relationship with Viviun. There are many different resources to educate yourself on how to use property portals such as What’s interesting about Viviun is they receive over 93,000 unique visitors a month according to Google and Double-click.  It is a great example of how property portals open up emerging real estate markets where innovative technology can be leveraged. If you are a broker in Costa Rica then you have even a better chance to get great exposure. People searching on Viviun have 138 times more likelihood to be interested in real estate for sale in Costa Rica.  Do you know where your property development marketing should be allocated? Do you know where your buyers origin is mostly likely going to come from? The real estate industry has been slow to leverage technology innovations in emerging real estate markets.   We would love to talk with you about how to create a more competitive real estate development marketing plan.

E360 provides real estate advisory services across emerging real estate markets.  We run across property for development as a result of the services we perform in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Our real estate advisory services include research, capital modeling, marketing and sales for international property. We have $10 billion track record focused on real estate development consulting.  Let us support you with market driven concepts.

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