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There are certain indications we are looking for when partnering with projects in international destinations. Many second home buyers and real estate investors have a longer list of requirements than ever before. We are going to discuss some of these criteria and undiscovered destinations matching the criteria.

Access is a key attribute we consider whether it is a new road, new airport or port of call. The key is that it needs to be accessible for people to get there if the destination is to grow. We also consider what there is to do when you get there. People’s time is more important to them now more than ever. People want to invest in their lifestyle because life is too short to be continually dealing with the everyday stress of economic shifts. Services and facilities such as hospitals and medical tourism are an emerging sector being developed across many lesser known regions due to the affordability and highly skilled workforce. Finally, amazing views has historically rated very high for motivation to purchase. E360 has been working researching and working closely in many of the regions below. We believe the follow areas have fundamental opportunities for growth.

Sisal, Mexico is a sleepy small fishing village located on the Yucatan coast of Mexico. One of the most interesting characteristics of this area is the supply and demand relative to the region. There are very few ocean front locations left in the Yucatan that are zoned properly for development and have large white sand beaches. Sisal is one of these places. There are real estate development sellout stories of demand across the Yucatan coast. The options are becoming less available for low density development. A new road has been built between Merida and Sisal. Our research team has personally driven on this road from Merida halfway to Sisal. It should be completed within the next 6 months. Finally, Sisal is located 45 minutes away from the fast growing capital of the Yucatan, Merida. People are moving away from many other areas across Mexico to relocate there. Mexicans have recognized Merida as one of the safest cities in historically for a long time. The region is also known as one of the Colonial Cities of Mexico. You can fine beautiful colonial architecture all over the city.

The Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica is national park located in the Guanacaste province. There is a major international airport 45 minutes away serving direct flights from the United States and Canada. The airport is under expansion as we speak. Many people who travel to the Guanacaste region think of the beaches to stay. Many of the industry insiders often discuss how people get bored after a couple of days at the beach. Some venture out to the parks, volcanoes and jungle only to discover amazing adventures. Rincon de la Vieja has geothermal hot springs that we have written about in the past. There are medicinal values from the mud baths there. There are some great places to relax. There are some remarkable hikes at the base of the volcano where you can see some of the coolest monkeys running around all over the place. There are also white water rafting and canopy tours. The region has recently benefited from new medical facilities being developed. You can find medical tourism and senior living options available. Lately, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) provides border to border fiber optic network in operation. Recently, ICE has reported a new partnership with Via Europa to further develop high speed networks at an affordable price.

Pedasi, Panama is located on the Pacific central coast of Panama. This destination recently hosted the 2011 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games. The highway coming into Pedasi has recently started construction of a $109 million expansion. This will turn the two lane highway into a four lane highway. Once completed, you will benefit from a shorter drive time, four hours, to Panama City. A new hospital is underway. An English speaking medical clinic is currently available. A new airport is underway. There is a ton going on in this emerging destination.

What new emerging destinations have you identified?

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