When are people searching for destination real estate across N.A., C.A. & Caribbean?

November 30, 2011 10:30 am Published by

As many of you know November and December can start to slow down for the real estate industry. E360 wanted to address a broader look at when people are most likely to be searching for real estate in our markets. So we pulled the top destination real estate search volume keywords in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Roatan and Aruba. What we found were some strong spikes where you would have wanted an internet presence in the last twelve months.

Generally speaking across all markets November and December had lower search volume trends. January and February had some of the strongest search volume increases.

We pulled some of the top second home destination internet searches in the US. As a result we discovered search volume more than doubling between December and January. Searches pick up at the end of February and holding steady between the end of March and April. There is a gradual search incline across June and July then declining through the rest of the fall.

Mexico real estate internet marketing trends
The Mexico english real estate searches behave very similar to the US search trends in December and January. They start very low in December then see a significant spike starting mid-December. The volume stays high thru mid-March then peaks again during mid-April. A final peak happens at the end of May with a slower decline through the summer.

Costa Rica real estate internet marketing trends
While Costa Rica sees the same dramatic increase starting in mid-December it doesn’t peak till the very end of January. Then the search trends downward with spikes in May, July and September. Finally, the search volume indexes similar to the rest of the regions for the remaining of the fall.

Roatan real estate internet marketing trends
Roatan internet searches behave more similarly to Costa Rica and Aruba. The searches don’t see their peak till the end of January with smaller peaks in February, March, May and July. Then it becomes more quite through the fall.

Aruba real estate internet marketing trends
Aruba as with Costa Rica and Roatan trends sees that same gradual increase starting in December and peaking at mid-February after Roatan’s searches decline. There are various spikes continuing through the end of March, May and August before the slow season begins with everyone else.

Now keep in mind all this search volume is for English keyword searches worldwide. E360 with our exclusive Google team are also monitoring the strong opportunity being seen with Spanish keywords. It is an exciting time to start ramping up for the season and we look forward to driving leads and sales as it happens across our emerging real estate markets.

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