Top Five Most Common Mistakes for Real Estate SEO

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Search engine optimization, or better known as SEO, is a core area of internet marketing that seems to evolve just about every single day. On the web, there is definitely no shortage of tips and recommendation on how one should go about “optimizing” a website and promoting its presence on search engine results. However, what a lot of people may not know is that to get observable results (i.e. visibility and brand building) from SEO it requires more than simply running through a checklist of things to do. Whether you succeed in the field of SEO largely depends on how you apply your strategies, which requires analysis, experimenting, experience, and consistent effort.

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Five Commonly Made SEO Mistakes

(1)    It is often not uncommon for businesses to create posts on social networking sites only for the sake of building back-links for SEO. As a result, their strategy usually doesn’t generate much interest among fans, followers, and potential clients. Instead of spamming everyone’s newsfeed with uninteresting, irrelevant posts they should be creating good quality content meant to keep people coming back for more next time.

(2)    Do not fall into the trap of stuffing keywords and phrases on pages with the hope of manipulating the site’s ranking on Google search results. The new Penguin algorithms will penalize all the spam sites

(3)    Beware of the kind of links you put on every section of the site. Do a routine check of any broken or improperly placed links you have – broken links can cost you. You do not want your visitors to bounce away from your site because they couldn’t access the information they wanted.

(4)    In the midst of a site redesign, an error as major as not properly redirecting your old URL’s to the new URL’s using 301 can result in consequences such as duplication of content and broken links that will ultimately lead to substantial loss of traffic driven to the site. The safest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to run a crawler* on the redirects to make sure they are working properly

*A web crawler is a program that browses the web to retrieve data for the search engine

(5)    Duplicating content on your site pages is rarely effective for SEO purposes. In fact, Google enforces penalties on sites that duplicate content if they are suspected of trying to manipulate search engine results. The consequence may be the suspension or even the removal of your spam filled site. In short, provide as much unique content as possible to avoid making this mishap.

Consistent effort and meticulousness are extremely crucial in SEO. Sure, you may apply the basics of keyword and anchor text integration on various sites to build back-links, but how effective would your strategies be if you don’t put in the effort to consistently and meticulously look after them? Don’t ever be sloppy with any part of your website. Even the placing of a link that clearly doesn’t belong in a section of the site can force your SEO efforts down the drain.


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