The Decision Tree

January 12, 2011 8:16 am Published by

The Decision Tree is a concept developed by Thomas Goetz, current editor of Wired magazine.

The Decision Tree idea: What’s a decision tree? Well, basically it’s a flow chart. So what does that have to do with health? The idea is this: Our health doesn’t happen all at once; it’s a consequence of years of choices – some large and some small – that combine to make up our health. Sometimes we’ve chosen wisely and we enjoy good health; sometimes we choose poorly and we suffer the consequences. A decision tree, then, is a trope; a device that can make these decisions more explicit and more obviously something we are actually choosing – it’s a way to externalize the choices that we otherwise make without much thought at all. Research shows that when we actually engage in a decision (when we think it through, even if just for a moment) we tend to make a better decision, defined both as one that we’re more comfortable with in hindsight and one that potentially bodes a better outcome. By engaging with our health consciously and explicitly as a series of decisions, one leading to another, we can become “smarter” and enjoy better health.

Our perspective on this concept: E360 along with existing international investors are committed to supporting this concept as it relates to residential global real estate.  Our real estate forecast expects emerging real estate markets will be able to capitalize on the Decision Tree concept. Thought leaders have traditionally been a target market segment that international real estate captures. We believe the Decision Tree concept supports the motivations of thought leaders and international real estate. We look forward to creating the future demand for this concept. More to come!

E360 provides real estate advisory services across emerging real estate markets. Our real estate advisory services include research, capital modeling, real estate project marketing and sales for international property. We have $10 billion track record focused on real estate development consulting.  Let us support you with market driven concepts.

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