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June 22, 2011 8:33 am Published by

Recently we discovered some interesting statistics regarding Realtor internet marketing trends that we wanted to share. The 2011 NAR Member Guide reported the following:

1. 90% of Realtors do not have a blog.

2. The average spend by a Realtor on a website is $250 per year.

3. Realtor’s only recieve 3% of their business from their website.

The trends mentioned above indicate a strong opportunity to capitalize on internet marketing related to real estate. Here are some staggering statistics provide more detail on the scale, power and depth of the opportunity we are referring to.

Every 60 seconds there are:

98,000+ tweets
320+ new Twitter accounts
100+ new LinkedIn accounts
1 new associated content article is published
6,600+ new pictures uploaded to flickr
50+ WordPress downloads
125+ WordPress plugin downloads
695,000+ Facebook status updates
1,700+ Firefox downloads
694,445 Google search queries
168 million emails are sent
60+ new blogs
1,500+ blog posts
70+ domains registered
600+ new YouTube videos
25+ hours total duration of YouTube videos uploaded
100+ questions asked on
40+ questions asked on Yahoo! Answers
13,000+ iPhone applications downloaded
20,000+ new posts on tumblr
1 new definition is added on
1,600+ reads on Scribd
13,000+ hours of music streaming on Pandora
12,000+ new ads posted on Craigslist
370,000+ minutes of voice calls on Skype

The opportunity to compete in the real estate market is remarkably strong given the lack of internet presence reported by the 2011 Realtor Membership Guide and the amount of internet traffic listed above.

Given the Realtor trends and internet stats it is no surprise we are finding particularly effective internet targeting these days. Services we find working best for our clients right now include, link building, highly targeted internet advertising and strategically redesigned websites for more qualified leads.

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