Top Performing Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Developers

Media Mix Strategy – Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Understanding how buyers behave online is critical to any real estate development marketing plan. One of the biggest trends we are seeing right now is a shift in buyers increasingly going to Zillow over Google for real estate searches. You could easily speculate this shift is due to interest in getting more information more quickly through niche search engines over general search engines. That said, there are still millions of real estate searches driving high-quality traffic to sites from google. So the takeaway is to cast the widest net possible without allowing the quality of your traffic to be compromised.
Response Method Marketing

The way we define response method is “how” the person responded not “what” the person responded to.

Some examples of response methods are:

  • Phone calls
  • Online Registrations
  • Broker referrals
  • Walk-ins

Often times digital campaign efficacy is measured only by online leads even though the digital campaign may have generated many phone calls, walk-ins, and referrals that are less easily tracked. There are a variety of ways to optimize for alternative response methods to online registrations such as by adding phone extensions, the physical address, call-only ad formats, and call’s to action to the digital ads. However, all this must be done through the extensions section in AdWords and not in the ad text itself in order to properly work. We also receive feedback that by optimizing by response method the real estate development sales and marketing teams are receiving higher quality leads.

The Future of Real Estate Development Marketing Plans

Given the way people search for real estate online and how they respond, it is important to have a balanced plan that has the proper tracking implemented upfront for a successful real estate development marketing strategy. This involves the implementation of Google Analytics tracking codes and lead tracking through goals in Analytics. If you don’t have this implemented correctly, then you won’t be able to optimize your media mix accordingly. While it isn’t that difficult to implement it does require some technical knowledge. However, once completed you generally don’t have to change it. Lead tracking setup with goals is normally structured to track leads who register online, fill out contact forms and then get redirected to a thank you page after submitting the contact forms. By having this setup, you will be able to track where leads came from online, lead volume and lead quality.

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By Chad Martin

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