How does your website stack up?

April 11, 2018 6:07 pm Published by

It may be time to take a look at your website's speed and performance for multiple reasons:

  1. User experience: People want fast experiences while browsing online. According to Google, 53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.
  2. SEO: Google has been using speed as a ranking signal for desktop searches for some time.
  3. Conversion rate (% of visitors to leads): Last year, sites with a load time over 6 seconds had a 38.90% lower conversion rate than site that loaded in 2 seconds or lower.

We recently performed an extensive analysis of over 30 different websites' performance and discovered some interesting and revealing data.

What we analyzed:

  • Desktop load time
  • Mobile load time, including time to first byte, start render, first interactive, and full load time for
    • 19 Resort websites
    • 10 Luxury hotel websites
    • 4 Big box websites (Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft)

What we used:

  • an open source project developed and supported by Google as part of their efforts to make the web faster.
  • GTMetrix: a website testing tool that incorporates PageSpeed Insights, YSlow, and several other features to measure website and server performance.

What we found:
Resort websites:

  • Desktop load time: 6.5s
  • Mobile:
    • Load Time: 22.70s
    • Time to first byte: 2.49s
    • Start Render: 9.74s
    • First Interactive: 19.07s

Hotel websites:

  • Desktop load time: 5s
  • Mobile:
    • Load Time: 18.51s
    • Time to first byte: 2.67s
    • Start Render: 8.33s
    • First Interactive: 17.32s

Big Box websites:

  • Desktop load time: 4.8s
  • Mobile:
    • Load Time: 10.47s
    • Time to first byte: 2.28s
    • Start Render: 4.34s
    • First Interactive: 12.11s

Big Box Dataset


  • Time to First Byte: how long it takes for the first byte to be received by the mobile device on a 3G connection.
  • Start Render: how long it takes to start rendering elements on the page.
  • First Interactive: how long it takes until the website is consistently interactive or usable.
  • Full Load Time: how long it takes for the website to completely download.

If you're wondering how your website stacks up, contact us today for a complimentary audit.

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