Tablet Computer Trends and Resort Marketing

February 10, 2012 1:54 pm Published by

The Pew Research center just released a report on high growth in amount of tablets adult internet users for January. The number of owners grew from 10% of the population in December 2011 to 19% in January 2012. Pew is reporting a 2± margin of error on this survey.

Who owns tablets?
The survey results showed us that it wasn’t gender specific reporting a 50/50 spread of ownership between males and females. The majority of users were between the ages of 30-49. They reported education level highest for atleast some college education. Finally, the average household income was reportedly highest for the $75,000+ category.

E360 just reported in our 2012 forecast about the potential resort marketing opportunities with tablet users versus mobile. This latest report by the Pew Research center continues to validate our assumption for the emerging real estate markets demand potential for tablet users reflected by a higher than average household income.

This latest report is another indication of how our target audience prefers to consume media through text, video and audio. It is crucial we continue to follow and understand how people’s internet behaviors relate to how they want to interact with brands online. We strongly believe that real estate buyers are using the internet more for real estate research compared to any other resource. E360 will continue to follow these trends to share potential real estate internet marketing opportunities with you.

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