Optimize Your Facebook Page for Mobile Search

March 16, 2012 9:13 am Published by

It is important to make sure your Facebook page is easy to find on mobile devices. People just do not look at the 2nd page on search engines. You at least need to be on page 1 for brand queries. Here are some tactics to support this objective.

– Anchor your brand name back link to the Facebook page instead of find us on Facebook sometimes.

– Check your PageRank for your website and Facebook profile if you have a new site. It may be easier to focus your energy promoting your Facebook page on mobile if you have a newer website.

– Link your Facebook page to your other social networking sites such as Google+ and LinkedIn.

– Leverage the “description” and “about” fields for important descriptive keywords. Make sure it sounds human though.

– Test paid search mobile advertising that points visitors to your Facebook page since it is setup to be mobile friendly.

Facebook reported 50% of their traffic now coming from mobile devices. There are over 155 million mobile Facebook pages indexed on Google now. Don’t underestimate the real estate internet marketing opportunity here. E360 focuses on resort marketing for real estate and hotels. We will continue to monitor the trends for our blog visitors.

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