The Impact of Responsive Design on Email CTR

May 1, 2015 12:53 pm Published by

Responsive design has become one of the more important elements for email design to increase and encourage stronger click through rates (CTR) and overall interaction with an email. Litmus reports that over 40% of emails are opened on either a tablet or smartphone and more than 60% of internet users conduct their searches on mobile devices.

However, this number is growing exponentially as the leading technology companies are coming out with watches, and other wearable devices that have increasingly smaller screens. This is making responsive design that much more important for companies advertising their products on the internet or via email. It is imperative to note how a variation in screen size, device type, and email carrier impacts the subscriber’s behavior after emails are opened.

The Importance of Responsive Design for B2C Companies

webinardevice-624x269The number of device types used to consume and preview content is growing rapidly, and so is the need for responsive design emails and web content. A responsive design email can produce a tailored viewing experience based on device type and screen size that the consumer is using, yielding higher click through rates and read rates when done correctly. It is no surprise that numerous studies have found that emails using a responsive design template have increased their click through rates across all device types, most notably, on mobile devices.

Movable Ink conducted a 6 month study during 1Q15 to analyze 1.2 billion email clicks to help emphasize the importance of responsive design emails, specifically those used by B2C marketers. They reported that over 50% of email opens occurred on a smartphone, and only 17% occurred on a tablet. Almost 33% of emails were opened on a desktop. This study highlights the importance of responsive design as most of the users are viewing their emails on smaller device screens. With the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and other wearable devices making their way into the market, this small screen phenomenon is only gaining popularity. With this knowledge in our pocket, it is no surprise that over three times as many mobile users interact with real estate focused emails as do desktop users.

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