Notes from MPC University

November 15, 2019 7:36 pm Published by

Main Takeaways from the Conference:

  1. There is a missed opportunity in new home sales in MPCs. 52{c2db194752fb8d721def708f1057e2c456bd34d7c76f57f1aa3d1e673d5fbc4c} of people surveyed indicated they’d like to live in an MPC, but they’re not capturing that market.
  2. People are looking for a smaller product (>2000sq ft) under $300k in a walkable community
  3. Demand/Opportunity: Smaller, attainable, walkable, different
  4. Fitness centers & trails are the most important amenity for all age groups; gated communities are very important to boomers
  5. Price to income ratio is a challenge for potential homeowners
  6. Other things that are important to younger age groups: dog parks, environmentally friendly/sustainable home design, 3BR
  7. People are willing to live in a smaller, attached home if it’s higher quality, in a good location at an attainable price – this ‘missing middle housing’ is an opportunity for MPCs to introduce a new product
  8. The southeast (FL, NC, SC) continues to be the most popular region for boomers to retire to, but 250 ppl per day are moving from CA to AZ
  9. MPCs need to differentiate themselves with amenities and serve specific niches (i.e. Del Webb serves a value buyer boomer; Toll Brothers serves a higher-end submarket of boomers)
  10. Autonomous car service in a large community is an opportunity for a unique amenity for residents

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