Notes from MPC University


Main Takeaways from the Conference:

  • There is a missed opportunity in new home sales in MPCs. 52% of people surveyed indicated they’d like to live in an MPC, but they’re not capturing that market.
  • People are looking for a smaller product (>2000sq ft) under $300k in a walkable community
    • Demand/Opportunity: Smaller, attainable, walkable, different
  • Fitness centers & trails are the most important amenity for all age groups; gated communities are very important to boomers
  • Price to income ratio is a challenge for potential homeowners
  • Other things that are important to younger age groups: dog parks, environmentally friendly/sustainable home design, 3BR
  • People are willing to live in a smaller, attached home if it’s higher quality, in a good location at an attainable price – this ‘missing middle housing’ is an opportunity for MPCs to introduce a new product
  • The southeast (FL, NC, SC) continues to be the most popular region for boomers to retire to, but 250 ppl per day are moving from CA to AZ
  • MPCs need to differentiate themselves with amenities and serve specific niches (i.e. Del Webb serves a value buyer boomer; Toll Brothers serves a higher-end submarket of boomers)
  • Autonomous car service in a large community is an opportunity for a unique amenity for residents


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