Knowledge Graph For Real Estate Internet Marketing

May 30, 2012 9:44 am Published by

Here is the official youtube announce from Google on Knowledge Graph.

Google is improving the search experience with the new Knowledge Graph. This means any search you perform rooted in Freebase, Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook will be highlighted on the right hand side. Then the knowledge graph is augmented against 500 million additional objects. There are indications that suggest Google transforming their search into a knowledge engine. So this got me wondering how we can leverage this new innovation to support our real estate buyers and clients for the best real estate internet marketing opportunities.

One quick and easy way would be to submit your project to Wikipedia so you are in the system. Relevent content to include would be things to do, architectural design, photos and of course contact info. Use the “Biltmore Estate” search as an example. Everything that comes up on the right hand side is a product of the Knowledge Graph. If you click on any of the data provided then you quickly see the highly expandable insight. A second way is to submit your development to Google Places so people know how to get there. Thirdly, adding video will also help provide depth in the Knowledge Graph.

One area we didn’t see mentioned but expect some potential influence is from online press releases.E360 is excited to follow this deeper search direction provided by Google. We will continue to monitor the the impact of Knowledge Graph for top internet marketing real estate opportunities.

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