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March 2, 2016 11:15 am Published by

Evolution of Call Tracking in the Mobile World

Getting a customer on the phone increases the opportunity for them to convert. This one on one interaction also provides the business to compete against competitors through excellent customer service and personal interactions, in turn, making the customer feel more valued and the interaction will give them reason to trust the company on a higher level. In many cases, human interaction makes the difference in a lead converting to a sale further supporting the importance of click to call functionality on all mobile outlets.

Over 50% of the searches on Google are now being done on mobile devices, only increasing the importance of having a click-to-call feature on ads. By 2017, dialogtech is predicting that over 70% of paid search spend will be mobile. Market trends are indicating that keywords that drive calls from in-ad phone numbers typically differ from the keywords that drive calls from landing pages. Granular attribution for calls from in-ad phone numbers and landing pages will be critical for best in class optimization strategies moving forward.

Customers will click-to-call 93 BILLION times in 2015 resulting in $1 TRILLION in commerce

At Element-360, we have been tracking phone conversions for several years now, and we are seeing exceptional ROIs. Clients are able to have a more personal interaction with the customer, and increase the customer’s likelihood of taking the next step in the sales funnel.

We have also optimized our client’s websites to have sticky headers so that as the reader scrolls down the site, the phone number follows them down the page, making the click-to-call functionality that much easier for the user. Finally, we continue to place the phone number within the Google PPC ads as well as on our Social PPC ads and are able to track whether or not the client picked up the phone call, how long they spoke to the caller, and the caller’s area code. All of these metrics are then analyzed when making optimizations to the campaigns.

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