2013 Real Estate Internet Marketing Trends

December 21, 2012 1:53 pm Published by

As we reflect on our experience in 2012 We can’t help but observe real estate internet marketing statistics from the latest National Association of Realtors profile of Homebuyers and Sellers Survey. According to the report, “use of the internet in the home search rose slightly to 90% and for buyers under the age of 44 this share increased to 96%”. When we reflect back on the results of this survey we believe more real estate professionals will begin to attribute all lead generation being more heavily influenced and supported by search engine marketing regardless of how the leads say they heard about us.

For example, a large amount of home buyers us an agent to purschase a home. However, we believe more buyers are performing more internet research to find homes and then tell the agent what they are interested in seeing. This behavioral buyer path is where we believe SEM is having the most impact on real estate sales. Moreover, we believe homebuyers will continue to start the home search process by looking online. According to the same survey, “For 41% of home buyers, the first step in the home buying process was looking online for properties” compared to 37% of buyer starting with an agent.

Over the years we have been monitoring additional microtrends within real estate online marketing. We decided to summarize a list below of how these real estate internet traffic statistics will change in 2013:

  1. More than 90% of home buyers will continue to search for homes on the internet; And under the age of 44 the share will increase above 97%. This is based upon broad increased annual growth in Google search volume overall.
  2. More than 41% of home buyers will go to the internet to search for homes prior as the first step in the buyer process. This number continues to increase every year when reviewing the Homebuyer survey.
  3. Real estate internet searches will become more savvy with their search queries. The amount of keywords people use to perform a single search will increase. We are seeing this already happening across the broad search market.
  4. Worldwide the Google search engine will continue to increase over 83% of total market share.

In 2013, E360 will be placing more focus on predictive analytics through google analytics for real estate. We have a particular interest in learning more about the impulse decisions buyers make in the first 2-5 seconds when they land on property pages and what reassures them to convert. We would love to hear from you and collaborate observations from the front line. So please don’t hesitate to contact us to chat. Most importantly we hope you have an amazing 2013. We’ve got a really good feeling about it!



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