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An effective strategy should be about risk minimization and not risk taking

Overview of Our Services

Getting on the first page of Google can really impact your business performance

We put a particular focus on keyword research and analysis. We don’t just profile search volume and competitiveness. It is important for us to really understand your business objectives, so we have 100% clarity with search term relevancy.

The foundation of our SEO process involves understanding the relevancy and keyword search term intent

Search engine optimization analysis begins by reviewing the existing performance of the website. The website is crawled by our robots to find the most pertinent errors. We consider the competition’s online metrics in order to understand how difficult it will be to rank.

Structuring your SEO properly can double your website authority

We make sure search engine’s are indexing and crawling your site without errors. We have seen many large and expensive websites that miss implementing crucial steps when going live. This can mean the difference between being on page 5, or being on page 1 in the search results. Once everything is suitably structured, we aggressively work on improving your keyword positions. Learn more about our real estate seo here >

Start generating leads immediately with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Are you looking to get to the top of page 1 in Google for high volume and high purchase intent keywords tomorrow? Internet search engines allow you to pay-per-click in order to be at the top of search results as text ads.

We are big on paid search

We see higher conversion rates from visitors to leads with text ads on paid search compared to display ads. Therefore, paid search is where we like to max out first for digital advertising. That said, there are highly targeted niche sites that have a history of consistently generating qualified leads.

We use our predictive modeling experience to benefit your business

We analyze where PPC leads originate using several different variables. Ad positions are analyzed by metrics such as conversion rate and click thru rates. We also review keyword targeting match type and negative keywords we shouldn’t be bidding on. A complete review of search and display ads are analyzed by metrics beyond impression share and conversion rates.

Often when we take over existing PPC campaigns, we find the conversion tracking was never setup properly, resulting in inaccurate data. We get it fixed immediately.

Digital PR – Leverage our relationships

Are you looking for referral traffic from high traffic websites? Are you looking to have your website shared on high authority websites to boost your organic search traffic? If these are the questions on your mind, here is the solution that fits the current and ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

This isn’t your usual PRWEB, BusinessWire or PRNewsWire online pr distribution
Our Digital PR package is an opportunity to get picked up by digital publications that have a significant amount of trust with search engines.

Email marketing from our Asheville online marketing team

Research still shows email marketing is far more effective than social media along with several other mediums in attracting customers to your business. Utilize our specific process of professional email development to increase your sales and response rates. We have extensive experience with A/B testing in order to get your email campaigns to perform at the highest rate possible.

Plan, Design, Develop, Deploy, Report, and oh yes Test, Test, Test

Whether it’s Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, Mail Chimp, or any other email deployment system we have you covered. We can also support email deployment through CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We have an award winning database marketing team. We can work with any type of CRM you have including Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Act-On, and custom databases.

The database is only as good as how well it is adopted

We have experience training 100’s of sales people on how to use CRM’s most effectively. Many times this includes custom layouts, views, fields, and reports.

Utilize your database for annual planning

Wouldn’t it be great to know what campaigns generated the most amount of leads? Better yet, wouldn’t you like to know how campaigns converted through to sales? Use conversion tables in order to better understand what is impacting your bottom-line. We have strong expertise in forecasting based upon database tracking.

Make informed decisions with market intelligence

We can help you whether you need a traditional real estate market analysis or internet market opportunity analysis. Our strong history and background has allowed us to perform market analysis in 13 countries.

Our research process utilizes a series of ‘working’ sessions to stay aligned your business objectives

We perform a thorough review of the competitive landscape. In many cases, analyse and comment on supply and demand ratios that illustrate market opportunities. You will see a particular emphasis on demand characterized by the target buyer and market. Then we conclude with a synthesis of recommendations on areas such as market potential, competitive position, and sales forecasts.

Visitors to your website are making decisions within the first 3 to 5 seconds; how are you capitalizing?

We have a time tested user experience process to influence immediate impulse decisions made by visitors. Regardless of your business, there are immediate questions that must be answered within your website. We utilize several eye tracking studies to influence our emphasis strategy.

Generate leads from your website

When we build a new website for a client it isn’t unusual for them to see triple digit increases in performance. We start by reviewing all the Google Analytics in order to understand what is most valued by the visitor. We leverage these strengths and minimize the weaknesses. Then our processes are implement.