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22 South Pack Square, #500 Asheville, NC 28801



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The Real Estate Lead Generation Process

A successful lead generation strategy begins with a strong understanding of your company’s current status as well business objectives. In order to provide you with best results, we have created an award winning lead generation process.

The process begins by analyzing your brand, customers, market position, goals, existing performance, and past buyer motivation. Based upon what we learn, we thoughtfully suggest short term and long term obtainable goals that are aligned with your business objectives. Then, we develop a custom strategy considering a variety of target market audience segments relevant to your community. This plan will include recommendations that are focused on reaching your target audience and what positioning, content and call’s-to-action should be emphasized. Our road map continues with the creation of a critical path for implementing visitor and lead tracking which is necessary for monitoring performance and providing data analysis. Much of the analysis we provide includes the time tested use of traditional econometric predictive models considering traffic, leads, lead sources, page views, time onsite and more.

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We emphasize strategies that are focused on the balance between lead volume and lead quality in a statistically significant way – in most cases, both quality and quantity matter. Throughout the process we manage and monitor performance using reporting and A/B testing software to identify opportunities and provide transparency to our clients. It’s this process and technology that allows us to develop the deep insights and trade secrets we use in order to grow our client’s business and, in some cases, create record setting success.

All successful strategies continuously evolve and we constantly updating our client’s strategies in a number of ways. We perform day-to-day micro-optimization for our clients to ensure that every day our clients strategies are successfully being implemented. In addition, we perform our own internal quarterly performance auditing. Our team takes a step back and looks at larger trends across our portfolio to identify break-thru’s, successes, failures and opportunities. We also regularly attend real estate and internet marketing conferences where National and International trends are cross-referenced against our own portfolio trends to further validate the trade secrets we are implementing and developing for our clients.

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive and integrated internet marketing strategy focused on generating real estate leads, then you need a strong foundation:

Google Analytics


Goal Tracking


Smart Goals


Mobile Center of Excellence


Google My Business Account


Social Media


With this foundation set we will be able to expand your lead generation efforts through a comprehensive digital media plan. Having a holistic marketing mindset is important because of the way buyers behave online. It is our experience that most potential buyers have seen your brand more than once before they respond to the sales team. Therefore, many of the top real estate lead generation companies believe it’s more than one campaign that influenced the potential buyer and motivated them to take the next step in order to have a more comprehensive and successful lead generation strategy.

Our team is continually studying real estate buyer motivation. We consider a spectrum of qualifiers such as the market position, amenities, product, price, location and more. While qualifiers are important to driving the right traffic it is also important to balance these efforts and factors with the client’s brand positioning in order to get more returning visitors to your site and further through the buying process.

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