Penguin 2.0 Update: Guest Blogging, Google Authorship, and Social Media.

June 17, 2013 2:09 pm Published by

By Wendy Yang

Although guest blogging remains a key creative marketing strategy for many who are looking to enhance their company website’s exposure or gain necessary credibility for it on the Internet, Google has begun to notice the increasing tendency for some bloggers to over-focus on creating irrelevant content only for the sake of implementing certain links. Not only is this poor practice for authors trying to reach out to potential customers, it is also predicted that Google will soon start its comprehensive search for guest posts containing low quality, link-oriented content that need to be adjusted accordingly in link credibility. In addition, other red-flags for Penguin 2.0 include the use of bloated keyword anchor text and inappropriately placed links, both of which would lead to the devaluation of the website’s content in search engine results. No longer is it a smart idea to try to game Google’s ranking system through meaningless link flooding and nonsensical keyword spamming on your posts. Such changes in the way Google is evaluating your posts’ content, even those that are on other people’s websites, means that you, as a guest blogger, should definitely reconsider how to capture the attention of readers with strong, credible content alone (forget about the link for a moment here) and really leave a lasting impression on those who can turn into potential customers. This is an approach that our Asheville marketing team is emphasizing strongly these days.

Another method that would further improve the credibility of the content in the works you post is the act of setting up Google Authorship on Google+, which helps you link the work you’ve published online to your Google profile. This “claiming” of content is highly beneficial for any author, considering it would not only give your posts more legitimacy and credibility – it would also improve their rankings on search engine results, leading to more clicks, higher click through rates, more traffic, and etc.

Now that you’ve claimed your work on Google, your next step should be widespread promotion on the Internet. One of the best ways to get your guest blog content out there is through promoting on all the big social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter where you can connect to a large network of followers and fans over the Internet. Captivate their attention whenever you can; make your post the one that stands out among their constantly buzzing newsfeeds.

With the new Penguin 2.0 update, Google is becoming more conscious than ever of what resonates well with readers and drives real traffic: strong branding. To consistently rank high on search engine results, it is now crucial for you to make Google aware that you’re the real deal. Implementing better linking strategies, improving social media promotion, and incorporating Google authorship won’t guarantee you a first rank position on Google, but it’d certainly raise your online exposure and credibility.

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