Google I/O 2023 – Deepening The Ecosystem Through AI

May 16, 2023 1:03 pm Published by

Once again, Google did a great job highlighting new products and innovations that have and will be rolling out. We had the opportunity to follow along through Google I/O this year and engage with these new updates. AI in general has been so hyped up. We have seen missteps along the way such as non-sourced citations, strange responses and outdated suggestions. So how will Google approach things differently? AI is improving quickly whether through training, crawling the internet or both. Here were some of the areas I am most excited to see evolve from Google AI.

Prompts are everything with Generative AI.

Google recognizes this and shared how they have integrated AI based prompts into many of their core products. Search has a new AI powered “Lab” service with deep linking. It isn’t available to everyone yet. We have applied for early access. It will allow you to ask Search a question and rather than providing search results, it will provide answers based upon the prompt and then provide additional suggestions and ask you questions such as, would you like to learn more about this or that area. It seems very functional from the demonstration. One of the concerns from the advertisers perspective is will it lower click through rate (CTR) when relevant ads are embedded. Similar approaches we have seen with deep linking have lowered CTR with ads, however, we all know Google is a very intelligent and savvy business and they may have improved upon the approach since then.

Across the broader Google ecosystem, they have weaved in AI to core products such as Gmail, Maps, Photos, Docs, Sheets and one of the most intriguing to me, Drive.

Drive is designed as an enterprise product to contain your files with core google products being used. Google released new updates on Drive called, Project Tailwind. This is exciting because Tailwind is generative AI designed to crawl all your enterprise level docs and provide insight into your prompts and questions. You have to apply for this service, which we did. We will be following Project Tailwind closely and are so excited about what is possible here.

Help Me Write is one of the other fun AI features integrated into their core products such as Gmail as a function.

This function evolved originally from Smart Reply to Smart Compose and now to Help Me Write. It’s the latest improvement to elaborate effectively with your communication in Gmail and it is freely available.

Immersive Views in Google Maps has another AI driven improvement.

This is essentially navigation through Google Maps that will include a bird’s eye view highlighting the weather, traffic and air quality through the route. The innovation is launching this summer covering San Francisco first, then 15 more cities by year end. We got a demo and it looked like a 3D navigation experience that is truly immersive.

Bard is at the core of Google’s AI.

As a company, Element-360 had early access to Bard for testing purposes. It is now available to everyone. It is improving without question and to no surprise. We are seeing Google improve Bard the most for programming development with Python code blocks to help you understand it better. We love Python and consider it THE most logical programming language. One new feature you can ask Bard to do is create some code on a problem you are trying to solve and then ask Bard how to improve upon the code and export it. A Super cool and powerful service. You will then be able to export the results into Gmail and Docs. Moreover, Bard is on track to support 40 spoken languages in the near future.

Overall, we believe Google was extremely strategic by integrating these improvements and many other AI features into their core products.

The AI powered integration upgrades will enhance the customers user experience across Google products, leveraging prompts and suggestions. We will see how advertising in Search will be impacted. We know they don’t want to compromise their strongest, most consistent revenue stream. And finally, we are excited to get Project Tailwind implemented at our company and see things from another intelligent perspective!

Finally, I invite you to follow our company and progress here if you are curious to see how we evolve as AI does!

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