Who Doesn’t Love a 3D Virtual Tour?

June 29, 2016 11:09 am Published by

3D Virtual Tours are becoming more and more popular in the real estate internet marketing industry. From utilizing the 3D tour in email deployments, to using it as a teaser on a call to action in Google PPC Ads, Social PPC Ads, or even on a landing page, the excitement it rallies among prospective home or land or condo buyers is outstanding.

In practice, we see higher than average open rates, CTRs, and engagement when applied to email marketing, landing pages, and digital ads. We are also seeing success emphasizing 3D tours in our call-to-actions. One of the vendors we have had the most success with is MatterPort. This is due to the UI an responsive design that MatterPort provides.

Here is an example from one of our clients.

Bring Your Listing to Life

Once the MatterPort has scanned the room and the listing agent embeds the code onto the site, the prospective homebuyers are wowed and mesmerized by the ability to ‘walk’ through what could be the home of their dreams. This ability to play into the buyer’s aspirational side, is what could take them to the next level in the home buying process.
A 3D tour causes a connection with the homebuyer creating an emotional connection to the property they are able to virtually experience. A 3D tour also is more engaging for the buyers. They are often mobile friend and easy to share, so anyone with a mobile device or desktop is able to experience the home from anywhere, and the potential home buyer can share it with their friends and families remotely. Finally, a 3D virtual tour of a home helps to excite people and potentially move them further through the home buying process.

Brokers can use these 3D Virtual tours on their websites, or communities can use them to highlight specific homes they are hoping to sell, or individuals can use the technology to market their own home, or builders can use them to show off their spec homes. No matter who uses the technology to make their listing a 3D virtual home listing, they are most certainly going to be able to excite and captivate potential buyers and create a buzz for their upcoming open house.

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