The Customer Journey and Machine Learning

January 14, 2018 7:21 pm Published by

It should be no surprise when we say as marketers our roles have been redefined. The question is how do we maneuver through the technological data web and come out with the proverbial fly. According to Econsultancy one of the biggest differentiators between successful marketers and laggards in 2018 will lie in their ability to integrate high quality data collection throughout processes. Skipping the jargon that means improving your first-party data by auditing your processes and implementing machine learning to signal red flags. Ideally you want to capture your customer needs in real-time, that’s where implementing AI and first-party data to sound the alarm of gaps in your sales funnel and product or sales offerings applies. By implementing these types of technologies, you expedite your communications with your customers and create long-term actionable insights. Remember the age old saying “If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no” – the same message applies – if you don’t measure, you won’t know, and you won’t sell.

Objectively you want to personalize your customers experience, by predicting what they will want and communicating those predictions on an individual basis. One first-party data service in the marketing AI sector worth writing home about is Blueshift, an AI that aggregates data in real-time to create customer centric engagements across segments. This includes email, SMS, mobile apps, your website and more. Whilst Sysomos is a platform that gives marketers an easy way to search, discover, engage and analyze data at a large scale. The flooding market for automated technologies is cascading however our message is simple, capitalize on machine learning and AI that eliminates the “data fluff” and creates a seamless flow of insights for your customers and internal teams. If you want to hear Google’s take on customer-first strategies, here’s a longer synopsis of this post. If you’ve found an AI worth writing home about share in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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