“80% agree that they rely on the internet for their commercial real estate information needs now more than 3 years ago” – Google and Loopnet 2015 Study

Commercial Real Estate Internet Marketing Can Get Commercial Brokers Found More Easily

According to the Google and Loopnet 2015 Study, 62% of real estate investors find the internet as a great tool for finding brokers. 59% go to the internet first when starting a property investment search. 23% start their search first with a broker. Over the course of the property search almost all real estate estate investors use the internet for searches. In order for you to get found there are several online marketing initiatives you can run to capture your market.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) - Launch a commercial real estate PPC campaign and show up number 1in the search results tomorrow when someone searches for your keyword.
    How does a commercial real estate PPC campaign work? The user performs asearch with a related search term, your text ad shows at the top of the search and you only pay when they click.
  2. Display Ads and Retargeting - Beyond the text ads that show up on search engine results page, there are niche websites that are effective mediums for placing your service and inventory. There are commercial real estate search engines such as Loopnet, CoStar, and specialized niche real estate investment websites for different product types.
    Remarketing for commercial real estate is when a visitor comes to your website but doesn’t register and afterwards has banner ads softly promoted around their future internet searches when they are looking for real estate investments.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - You can have your website show up naturally in search engine results for relevant keyword terms with a commercial real estate SEO campaign. Our commercial real estate internet marketing experts know how to perform real estate investor SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of marketing that composes all of the previously mentioned campaigns above. Search engines are used by 63% of real estate investors for finding property. We have commercial real estate SEM experts that can tailor the campaigns you need around your inventory and services.

How to setup a strong commercial real estate internet marketing campaign:

  1. Target the right search terms - they need to be relevant, high strong search intent and search volume.
  2. Leverage your website to generate leads – this involves making your site search engine friendly and structuring a high value user experience.
  3. Properly promote your advantages, value propositions, and resources.
  4. Establish online credibility.
  5. Leverage niche expertise.

Finally, aligning your brand and content to what buyers are looking for online is imperative. Some of the reasons cited by investors looking online are the following in order: make sure nothing missed, expand searches, develop market knowledge, review properties, validate information and faster results.

We believe we are the top commercial real estate internet marketing agency for the following reasons:

  1. Decades of commercial real estate experience.
  2. Specialized internet marketing skill set.
  3. We have 1,000’s of industry specific internet marketing relationships in our network.
  4. We understand how your brand should align with your clients.