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The Lab

Our Platform For Research And Analysis


Discover How Difficult It Is To Rank For A Keyword

We use premium data software to determine how competitive a keyword is by looking at how high authority everyone on page one in the search engines are. Then a % of difficulty to rank is produced.

Data Analysis That Quantifies Your Competitive Position

Once you have verified what buyers motivations are it is important to understand how your product and services size up against the competitive landscape so you know how to position yourself.
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Using Data Predictively To Increase Lead Generation

We use predictive models to improve what you are currently doing. Sometimes it is the keyword search terms that need refocus. Other times is coming up with a new pricing and product model. This is where we reverse engineer what you are currently doing to figure this out.

Look At The Competitive Space And Find The Market Gap

One of our original data lens we look through are three dimensional charts of demand by price and size. This illustrates where the market demand is graphically. Then we expand our market intelligence there.
Competitive Landscape