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Analysis & Strategy

Search engine marketing analysis by our Asheville internet marketing team leverages lead generation predictive models

Asheville Internet Marketing

Google Analytics has a ton of analytical metrics to use. We review what metrics are statistically valid and how valid to increasing lead generation.

SEM Analysis –  The Search Engine Marketing Analysis focuses on increasing your volume of leads, conversion rates and decreasing your cost per lead. This service can be used as an audit of your existing internet marketing agency performance as well as additional alternatives. Our process takes a collaborative approach so existing subject site experience is fully incorporated. The process begins by confirming your business objectives with the site e.g. increase leads, increase conversion rate, increase traffic, increase average visit duration etc. Once objectives are confirmed we typically review the lead sources, google analytics goals already setup and more. The analysis also includes best practices within user experience. Once completed we deliver a full report and checklist of actionable items to impact your objectives.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Analysis dives deep into your strategies and structure to ensure everything is being utilized to the fullest.

Element 360

PPC Analysis – Here is where we dig into your Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo pay per click account. Variables considered in this analysis include your daily budget, campaign structure, ad group structure, bidding strategies and more. We review your search terms (as opposed to keywords being bided on). Lead tracking is verified to determine if it is working properly. Ad positions are analyzed by metrics such as conversion rate and click thru rates. We will review keyword targeting match type and negative keywords we shouldn’t be bidding on. The final product will include a checklist of things to implement along with profiling and analysis. The checklist is something we offer to update for you depending on the circumstances.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis is an evolving world that our Asheville Internet Marketing team is monitoring daily.

Element 360 Analysis & Strategy

SEO Analysis – The search engine optimization analysis begins by reviewing the existing performance of the site and developing a profile. Our team crawls the site with our software and robots to see where the errors are. Then we consider competition and good keywords to showing up for. Keywords with high purchase intent play a particular emphasis in the analysis. The results of the analysis will give you recommendations and a strong sense of how much potential there is for future seo updates along with a list of actionable things for you to improve where pertinent.

Conversion Optimization Analysis blends the leads sources driving traffic to the site along with the user experience and synthesizes findings to improve your lead generation objectives.

Element 360 Internet Marketing

Conversion Optimization Analysis – We find there is a big difference between what leads and visitors look at on a website. If you knew what leads were most interested in then wouldn’t you want to emphasize this on your site? We look at the leads interaction through the site and leverage the flow through calls to action. Micro navigation is reviewed to see which pages people were most likely to read immediately preceding their decision to register online. We consider specific information needed by visitors to the site in the first 10 seconds. We place the value propositions in order to measure strength of the website branding.

Marketing Strategies

  • Market Analysis – This is commenced through a series of working sessions. Our process includes a complete review of the competitive landscape normally starting by proximity to the subject site. We survey the landscape in order to obtain an objective pulse on supply and demand characteristics. Advance segmentation of product by price, size and absorption is performed. The target buyer is projected with a geo-demographic description. The end result highlights achievable sales pace by product, size and price.
  • Brand Positioning– The competitive brand position will help define and strengthen the developments value, advantages and differentiators across the competitive landscape.
  • Lead Generation Plan – The objective of lead generation is to increase sales. We tie a plan back to the absorption forecast. Budget constraints are typically defined  as a % of gross sales. Campaigns are broken out into data tables illustrating the rate of leads converting into sales based upon real estate standards.

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